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  • African Menu
  • International Menu

African Street Food Appetizers:

  • Samosas
  • Falafels
  • Fried plantains
  • Falafel fried chicken strips

African Entrees:

  • Chicken Tagine
  • Spicy Ethiopian Beef
  • Vegetarian Dishes
  • Spicy Moroccan Lamb

African Breads & Desserts:

  • Traditional flavors and bold directions.


  • Burritos
    • Eggs, Green chili, cheddar
    • Eggs, Sausage, Green chili, cheddar
    • Eggs, zucchini, spinach no cheese
  • Fruit Salad and yogurt
  • Scramble eggs
  • Sausage link
  • Bacon
  • Hash brown


  • Pork green chili
  • Pork pozole
  • Thai chicken soup
  • Basil Tomato bisque
  • Coconut, Apple Butter nut squash bisque


  • Green lentil falafel
  • Spicy vegetable samosas
  • Spicy Beef Samosas
  • Adult candy—stuffed dates with gorgonzola wrapped with bacon drizzle with honey
  • Stuffed new potatoes with cheddar cheese, bacon bites and green onions.
  • Stuffed mushrooms with French ratatouille
  • Spiced island chicken and green mango wrapped with phyllo.
  • Vegetable crudities with ranch Dressing
  • Fruit and cheese Tit Bite
  • Assorted Cheese Platter with American Crackers.
  • Assorted Salads bar pf your choice with Toppings and Dressing

Entrees to Choose:

  • Chicken - Coq au vin
  • Chicken Tagine
  • African chicken Tikka
  • Chicken Francaise
  • Beef bourguignonne
  • Homemade Beef pot roast
  • African Spicy Beef
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Moroccan Spicy Lamb
  • Oven Roast Prime Rib
  • Roast beef steaks with mushroom demi


  • Choice of pastas
  • Cumin Rice
  • African Dirt Rice
  • Olive Oil smashed Yukon gold potatoes
  • Moroccan couscous
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Collard green


  • Assorted Dessert bars
  • Assorted cheese cakes and pies
  • Fresh fruit platters

Each Event is Different

We work from your vision – who is coming to the event? How does food fit into your larger goals? What’s the budget?
We’ll work with what you give us to create a menu and a quote that will perfectly support your ideas and fit in your plan.

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